Results of YouGov Survey

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc (AIM: SYM), a global specialist in products and
technologies that “make plastic smarter”, is delighted to announce the results of a YouGov
Survey commissioned by the Company.   The survey was designed to measure the public’s
awareness, knowledge and desire to take action against plastic pollution which is now a
worldwide problem especially in the oceans as recently highlighted by David Attenborough,
in the programme ‘Blue Planet’.

YouGov surveyed a representative sample of 2,107 people across the United Kingdom.

The results were as follows:

  • 86% of UK adults would be happy to use oxo-biodegradable plastic instead of their
    usual plastic
  • 90% of UK adults would support treating everyday plastic items (e.g. shopping bags,
    plastic packaging etc.) with oxo-biodegradable technology.
  • 88% would support the UK government legislating to make the use of oxobiodegradable
    plastics a legal requirement, as other governments have done.

This YouGov report coincided with a seminar arranged by Symphony to raise awareness of
oxo-biodegradable technology which, unlike ordinary plastic, will degrade and biodegrade if
it gets into the open environment as litter, and also the Commonwealth Heads of Government
Meeting, London 2018,  where the heads of businesses from Commonwealth countries are
discussing issues facing their  countries in 2018 and beyond including plastic litter which is
a global problem.

Chris Packham, Presenter of BBC’s Autumnwatch, and passionate environmentalist was guest
speaker at the Symphony seminar, along with Michael Laurier, Michael Stephen, Professor
Telmo Ojeda and Alston Koch.    Chris talked about the danger that plastic litter poses to
wildlife and his belief that new technologies like Symphony’s d2w oxo-biodegradable
plastic are a valuable asset in the fight against plastic litter in the open environment
and should be supported by the UK government right now.

A fact that he reiterated to Michael Gove on The One Show on 16 April 2018, in response
to the announcement that the UK Government had set-aside £61.4 million to fight
plastic pollution.