Biodegradable Plastics Association (BPA)

The Biodegradable Plastics Association exists to provide information to encourage greater
understanding of oxo-biodegradable plastic technology and how it can protect the environment for
future generations.

The Biodegradable Plastics Association (BPA) will certify as oxo-biodegradable, and will
permit it’s logo to be used, in respect of products which are made using an BPA approved
additive/masterbatch and shown by reports of a testing institution approved by the BPA
to comply with the following specification. See BPA certificate.

BPA specification- Click to read 

Oxo-degradation of plastics is defined by TC249/WG9 of CEN (the European Standards
Organisation) as degradation identified as resulting from oxidative cleavage of
macromolecules”. And oxo-biodegradation as degradation identified as resulting
from oxidative and cell-mediated phenomena, either simultaneously or successively.