OPA Comment on
Green Alliance

OPA Comments on report
on oxo-biodegradable
carrier bags

Symphony Director
interviewed by the BBC
Listen here

OPA Chairman
interviewed by
Voice of Islam Radio

Industry Association
strikes back on
EU Legislation

Short film on BBC World Service
about oxo-biodegradable
plastic technology

Why oxo-biodegradable
plastic technology
can help

Reply from Professor Jakubowicz
to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Are we there yet?
(new analysis by experts
in ocean currents)

Katmandupost –
Government toughens
ban on plastic bags

Oregon Composters don’t want compostable packaging

OPA Comment on Italian Court Ruling 2015 on marketing of oxo-biodegradable plastic

OPA Comment on EMF’s report
on Plastics

Former MEP,
says there is no justification
for the EU policy on plastic

OPA Comments

Westminster Food
and Nutrition Forum-
Speech by OPA Chairman

OPA comments
on EU legislation

OPA responds
to EU Commission

OPA Chairman
speaks at EU
Plastics Conference

A sledgehammer
to crack
a nut

Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags
should be exempted from
Chicago’s ban on plastic bags

OPA responds
to MSU

OPA chairman
answers questions on

Report says
it would be a mistake
to ban plastic packaging

OPA Chairman
comments on
EU legislation

Plastics Chiefs
blast the EU- by
Maggie Pagano

Britain’s lead in biodegradable
plastic stymied by Brussels
– James Rothwell

Upgrade the plastic
don’t ban
or tax it

Not surprising that
bio-plastics cause problems
for recycling

Polymer suppliers not
understanding the benefits
of oxo-biodegradable technology

OPA response
to EU Microplastics

Another lesson
in why bag
bans don’t work

Bioplastics News – Michael Stephen Column

Exeter rejects ‘compostable’ plastic

OPA Comments
on Plymouth
University Study

Setting the record straight
on oxo-biodegradable

Study proves oxo-bio plastic
degrades & biodegrades much
faster than ordinary plastic

Urgent need to replace
ordinary plastic with new
biodegradable technology

UK Judge find the case
for oxo-biodegradable plastic
proven (also in Spanish/ French)

Tacoma City bag ban is
unscientific & unsustainable
July 16

OPA Member
takes to
the air

How a ban
on plastic bags
can go wrong

Majority of Britons believe
all plastic bags should be
recyclable and biodegradable

Carrier bag litter up
38% in Scotland,  since
charge was introduced

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