Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association - Page 22

      Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association A not-for-profit organisation

Protecting the environment with oxo-biodegradable plastic

OPA member comments on US trend against banning or taxing plastic bags

MEP Speaks out - Article in Packaging News 19-5-15

New York Residents reject charges for plastic bags

Californian town cancels plastic bag ban

Arizona calls a halt to bag bans

FTC loses court case on biodegradable plastics

Nonsense about oxo in New Zealand

Italian Plastics Law seriously flawed

OPA ridicules Italian court ruling on marketing of oxo-biodegradable plastic

FTC contacting companies who supply oxo-bio products

UAE Bans plastic products - except oxo

New Legislation in Pakistan requires plastics to be oxo-biodegradable

OPA Comments on European Parliament proposals

OPA evidence to Environmental Audit Committee

Supplementary evidence to Environmental Audit Committee

EU Green Paper - OPA Response

Evidence to EAC on plastic bags

Italian Plastic Law - seriously flawed and could be illegal

OPA Responds to California SB 270


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