Bio-based Plastic

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Protecting the environment with oxo-biodegradable plastic

FoE Paper - Jan 17 - Bioplastics in a Circular Economy - The need to focus on waste reduction and prevention to avoid false solutions.

Friends of the Earth say in a 2017 report that “The bio-plastics industry use their green-sounding credentials to position themselves as helping to speed the reduction in fossil fuel use and solving the ever-growing plastic pollution and marine litter issues. However, there is clear evidence that bio-plastics do not solve many of these problems and in fact may create new ones.”

Why bio-based is the wrong technology

Bad news for “compostable” plastics from German Courts

EU plastics industry advised against bio-based plastic

OPA response to SPI Bioplastics Council (SPIBC) regarding biodegradability of plastics containing oxo.

Packaging and disposable food service ware - Final Report

Germans Reject “compostable” plastic and say EN13432 and ASTMD-6400 are “defective and irrelevant

German NGO says “compostable” plastic has no significant advantage

How many football pitches are needed to make green plastic?

To produce just 3 tonnes of Green Polyethylene, land equal to 1 football pitch of sugar cane is needed.

Bio-based Plastic

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