Plastic Bag Bans and Taxes

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More and more people are realising that governments and supermarkets are exploiting our environmental consciousness to make us pay more for no good reason. Some supermarkets are charging for plastic carrier bags and saying that they are giving the profit to charity. This sounds laudable, but they are transferring the cost of the bags from themselves to their environmentally-conscious customers, and they are choosing the charity.

Even if a tax is imposed there will still be very large numbers of plastic bags in circulation, and most governments have no policy for those which cannot realistically be collected, unless the tax is higher on conventional plastic than on oxo-biodegradable plastic so as to encourage a switch to the more environmentally beneficial option.

Plastic carrier bags are in fact a wonder of modern technology. They can be made very thin, with minimal raw material, but are still strong enough to carry a full load of heavy shopping. No other shopping container can carry 2,500 times its own weight and stay strong when wet. A typical plastic carrier bag uses 70% less plastic today than 20 years ago.

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Plastic bag bans and taxes

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Plastic Bags, Bans and Taxes

How Green is that Grocery Bag ban (Julian Morris & Brian Seasholes - Jun 14).pdf

How Green is that Grocery Bag Ban?

An assessment of the Environmental and Economic Effects of Grocery Bag Bans and Taxes

By Julian Morris & Brian Seasholes

June 2014

How a Ban on Plastic Bags can go wrong: Article by Adam Minter as it appeared in BloombergView on 18th August 2015